small accent chairs for living room

The Types of Accent Chairs for Living Room

Furniture is one of the most popular home investments. They may not cost too much, but they are investments nonetheless. However, there are also times when the furniture is purchased because of needs or decorations. For example, when you are rearranging the living room or remodeling your living room and decide that you need accent chairs for living room. The accent chairs would provide the function of seating for there […]

interior design ideas living room

What are the Living Room Decor Ideas

Are you bored with your living room look? Many people are. After all, with years of seeing the same living room decor ideas certainly you would feel that everything is so boring. A little bit of change would be the perfect solution to refresh the room. These changes may not be as expensive as you think as long as you can use your imagination and follow certain tips. One of […]

cheap living room rugs for sale

How to Choose the Living Room Rugs

Adding the living room rugs would be one of the most efficient ways to finish off the look of the living room. The perfect rugs can also help you to reduce a significant amount of man hour and also budget. We have to admit that even though flooring makes one third of a room’s surface, but we often miss the designing of the flooring so that it becomes an afterthought. […]

modern living room color schemes

Picking the Living Room Color Schemes

Think of the living room color schemes before you actually finish building it. To start with is easy. You simply need to choose any color. This color should be used as the guidance to choose the color schemes later on. One color that you like so much would be enough to build the color scheme with. This is a good tip by Mark McCauley in the book the he written, […]

landscape lighting design planslandscape lighting design guidelines

Steps of Landscape Lighting Design

During the day, your landscape has enchanted every person passing by, but not so during the night as the darkness and minimum lights are only showing as much. Well, with the money and the effort spent on the garden landscaping, it would only be best if you can show your pretty garden 24 hour a day. Do not let nighttime cause your garden to disappear. Put it on a different […]